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Jul 02

Speciality Of Grand Drama “Shrikrishna”

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The grand drama Shrikrishna has many such specialties that have not been seen in the stage till today.

  • This is not only of India but also the first grand drama of the world theatre.
  • Opportunity to see lively this concept of the grand drama on the stage.
  • The grand drama “Shrikrishna” is the artwork of 150 experienced artists.
  • The theatrical language of grand drama “Shrikrishna” is elaborate but accessible and simple Hindi language, which is easily understood by all.
  • As a facilitator, Lord Shri Hari Vishnu gives Goddess Lakshmi a glimpse of Lord Shrikrishna's birth story and his acts from his Amrutvani on 20 feet high stage.
  • Its spacious and grand stage (there are 8 different stages of total 7000 square feet) will be the biggest stage of the theatrical world so far.
  • Artists acting upstairs at the stage of 50 feet high like a tower.
  • Attractive background beautiful Setups.
  • Song and music is the main soul of this grand drama.
  • The melodious songs of well-known playback singers Suresh Wadekar, Vaishali Sawant and Prasenjit Koshambi are a big attraction.
  • The audience will be able to hear Dolby Digital surround Sound on the first ever in the play.
  • Pleasant colors and exact dress are the focal point of attraction.
  • Gold chariots, horses, Bullock cart, Palanquin, Throne, Hammock, Mountains, Snakes, big drums, Roli Aarti etc. are the main attractions.
  • The experience of the colorful and modern lighting scheme will give the viewer a beautiful feel.
  • Colorful crackers and fireworks.
  • For the first time at the Theater, it is possible to see the vast form of Lord “Shrikrishna”.
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