Concept of Grand Drama “Shrikrishna”

Lord Shrikrishna is one of the incarnations of Lord Hari Vishnu who is embedded in each and every bit of nature. Whenever the Universe is in peril Lord Hari Vishnu incarnates and save the nature, God and Human beings. Lord Shrikrishna is the seventh incarnation of Lord Hari Vishnu. There are worship, love, friendship, duty, joy and salvation present in his divine persona.

  • Every mother of this world wants to have a child like Shrikrishna. She wishes that her child should also be naughty like little Krishna who is doing mischief.
  • Every lover wants to be blessed by becoming a lover like Radha to have a lover like Shrikrishna. So that her love for eternity could be immortalized.
  • Every wife wants to get fortunate to become Rukmini after receiving a husband like Shrikrishna.
  • Every person wants to believe Shrikrishna as his best friend (Sudama), who can help him in every distress.
  • Every sister in the world would like to believe to have a brother like Lord Shrikrishna who saves dignity and respect of his sister Draupadi in full assembly.
  • Under the guidance of Charioteer like Shrikrishna, who would not like to ride on a Chariot of essence of Shrikrishna’s Gita which is having the ability to explain the meaning of the truth of life and ability of deeds to walk on the religion and acts of life and path of salvation?
  • It is not only India but also the first grand drama of theater of the world, with the unlimited power of God, many innumerable actions, supernatural wonders and the spectacle of their vast form. This is its charm.

Essence of Grand Drama “Shrikrishna”

The grand drama Shrikrishna is an immortal and lively story told by Lord Shri Hari Vishnu, on a huge and grand stage. Such a strange, unique, vibrant story of Lord Shrikrishna has never been seen or shown on any stage of the world. This grand drama is not only the essence of acts of Lord Shrikrisna’s childhood, destruction of tyrannical and mischief- makers but also it is the main basis of love, friendship and relationship-related emotions.

This artwork is the original soul of this grand drama, the entire story of Lord Krishna's birth, childhood, puberty and adult age. The spectacular visual story shown on the grand theater gives viewers the complete life of Lord Krishna, the simple, easy introduction of the essence of their spiritual knowledge, path and Gita.


Speciality Of Grand Drama “Shrikrishna”

The grand drama Shrikrishna has many such specialties that have not been seen in the stage till today. Like:

  • This is not only of India but also the first grand drama of the world theatre.
  • Opportunity to see lively this concept of the grand drama on the stage.
  • The grand drama “Shrikrishna” is the artwork of 150 experienced artists.
  • The theatrical language of grand drama “Shrikrishna” is elaborate but accessible and simple Hindi language, which is easily understood by all.
  • As a facilitator, Lord Shri Hari Vishnu gives Goddess Lakshmi a glimpse of Lord Shrikrishna's birth story and his acts from his Amrutvani on 20 feet high stage.
  • Its spacious and grand stage (there are 8 different stages of total 7000 square feet) will be the biggest stage of the theatrical world so far.
  • Artists acting upstairs at the stage of 50 feet high like a tower.
  • Attractive background beautiful Setups.
  • Song and music is the main soul of this grand drama.
  • The melodious songs of well-known playback singers Suresh Wadekar, Vaishali Sawant and Prasenjit Koshambi are a big attraction.
  • The audience will be able to hear Dolby Digital surround Sound on the first ever in the play.
  • Pleasant colors and exact dress are the focal point of attraction.
  • Gold chariots, horses, Bullock cart, Palanquin, Throne, Hammock, Mountains, Snakes, big drums, Roli Aarti etc. are the main attractions.
  • The experience of the colorful and modern lighting scheme will give the viewer a beautiful feel.
  • Colorful crackers and fireworks.
  • For the first time at the Theater, it is possible to see the vast form of Lord “Shrikrishna”.



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